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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Weigh in update: 2nd June 2011

Today was weigh-in and I maintained. I expected it to be honest but was hoping my good days would have produced a 1lb loss.

May in numbers

Weight lost in the Month of May: 7lbs
Inches lost in May: 3.5

I was pretty impressed with this considering I had a 2lb gain at the beginning of the month.

This weeks plan

For the next week my goal is 3-5lb loss as I would love to get a big loss before two very busy weekends. 5lbs would take me to 2 1/2 stone loss (35lbs) but 3lb is a good weekly loss. So how am I going to achieve this? Well I'm going to drink more water as I feel this was a downfall this week and eat more fruit and vegetables, again not enough of these entered my gob this week.

I'm also not going to get on the scales till next weigh in. I think it is affect the way I eat and is causing damage. For example, this week I stepped on the scales and had gained quite a few pounds and because there was no reason for it I had a bit of a binge and went off plan. However, the rational, sane me knows that I do go up after weigh-in and then the weight comes off towards the end of the week. So if I hadn't have ahd the mini binge I possibly would have lost. 

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