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Monday, 25 April 2011

A food filled weekend

So Easter weekend arrived and I feel like I've not stopped eating. I decided to not follow the Slimming World plan and just keep trying to limit my food to main meals and snacks on fruit.


Breakfast: two eggs fried in fry light, chopped tomatoes with a slice of wholemeal bread

Dinner/Tea: Baked cod, marrowfat peas, cauliflower, potatoes and parsley sauce and homemade cheesecake with strawberries for dessert.


Breakfast: Porridge and some grapes

Dinner: Ham salad sandwich and grapes

Tea: Went to Nando's so had chicken and spicy rice.


Breakfast: Yoghurt and grapes.

Dinner: Low fat chicken supernoodles with a slice of wholemeal bread with banana and grapes.

Tea: Sunday Dinner :) turkey, potatoes, broccoli, sprouts, carrots, pigs in blankets, stuffing, bread sauce and gravy. Homemade cheesecake with strawberries for dessert.


Breakfast: Half an Easter egg (whoops!)

Dinner: BBQ including a big salad, sausage, chicken, burger and prawns. Homemade cheesecake with strawberries for dessert.

Tea: Nothing as yet but will probably have some soup and fruit when I've finished work.

So as you can see not a great weekend, however, I have eaten lots of homemade meals and kept my fruit and vegetables intake high. Importantly I have had a really good weekend and have eaten no where near as much as I usually do.

The best thing about the weekend has been spending lots of time with my lovely family, I love it when we all get together. An argument with some neighbours over parking threatened to ruin Sunday but I was proud of my sister for arguing back at them in a calm way and she only swore once!

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