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Friday, 11 March 2011

Bad week = Big gain

Well I gained 2lbs and I wish I could say it was worth it that I enjoyed the bad food or night out but I can't! Apart from my treat of a meal last Thursday at an Italian I haven't enjoyed any of it and I don't know why I've done it to myself. 2lbs isn't as bad as I was expecting but still bad enough.

I got back on track yesterday and have had a good couple of days, in fact when I weighed again this morning (I know, I know I shouldn't weigh myself that often) I was back to the weight I was last week.

My goal this week is to lose 3lbs so that I reach the stone and a half (21lbs) I am going to do this by eating more fruit and drinking a lot more water. I am also going to try and fit in some swimming again as I really felt this benefitted me this week. I now have to lose 2.5lbs a week to reach my June target of 4 stone (56lbs)

In other news I have a job interview on Wednesday and I'm so nervous because I really want it so I'm hoping that I dazzle them at the interview. It would mean less travel time, more responsibility for staff and more regular hours. As I feel the shifts I work don't give me enough stability as I really struggle on my 7 days off which I get every 4 weeks. So hope you can all keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Hey, You know where you went wrong and how to fix it so don't beat yourself up about it! Onwards and downwards lol

  2. Thanks for the comment Trish.Definitely onwards and downwards. Thanks for reading.

  3. dont be two hard on yourselve did you know you can put on three over the day and then lose it again when you go to bed....

    I cheated like you the one day when i got to my moms i was 11stone 7 then i weighed myself again before i left i was 11;11 so your weight can change very quickly i mite do a video blog on this coz i think some of the girls are really hard on themselves and they dont realized how easy it is to gain....

    i think the best thing to do it weigh your self at the same time every week or first thing in the morning ;-) sorry for going on....

    check my blog out

  4. i was supposed to say you can gain 3 pound over the day and lose it again by the next morning.....................thats why i do blogs on youtube coz i have dxylexia and you understand what im trying to say....the word are in my head but the wont go on paper lol

  5. Thanks for the comment Lanea. I'm now following your blog.