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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Weight update

Looking through my blog I've realised I've not updated my weigh-in results for a couple of weeks, probably because they aren't that great.

My weigh-in on 17/02/2011 was as I suspected I gained 1 lb. I would like to blame it on the fact that the week before I had a big loss due to being sick and not eating for a couple of days, but the truth is I didn't eat at all well, had a night out with lots of alcohol and a takeaway, a meal out for my sisters birthday and a Chinese made by Mum the night before weigh in.

My weigh-in on 24/02/2011 I stayed the same; I had a long weekend away with my sister and two friends and drank way too much alcohol and didn't eat well at all. When I weighed myself when I got home I had gained 2lbs, by weigh-in day I lost that and was back to my weight of the week before.

So, this week I really must get my arse back in gear and do 100% food optimising. I have had a really good couple of days. I've tried to cook as many fresh meals I could including the meat and potato pie I posted before this; egg, chips and beans and tonight I am attempting the butter chicken curry from the latest Slimming World magazine.

I also made the custard and nutmeg tarts from the magazine and they are gorgeous, I will do a post with pictures in the next couple of days.

Hope everyone else's diets/healthy eating is going well.  Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog and commented.

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