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Monday, 10 January 2011

My small shopping haul

I did a small shop in Tesco today, the picture below shows the items that I got. 

My grocery haul

Here are what everything cost me in my local Tesco, I am unsure if prices fluctuate between stores or not. Those in bold are currently on offer. 

Soda Water £0.48 x2
Chopped Tomatoes £0.33 x4
Mullerlight Multi pack £1.48 (half price)
Bacon £1.98
Quorn Sausages £2.10
Mint £0.79
Cucumber portion £0.40
Carrot £0.12 (£0.74 per Kg)
Cous Cous £0.61
Light Choices Fromage Frais £0.90
Oxo Cubes £1.07 x2 (on offer 2 for £1.50)
Italian Seasoning £0.38
Cooked Ham £1.45
Wholemeal Loaf £0.72
Fusilli Twists £0.81

 My small shopping haul cost £18.27 which is OK considering a lot of the things I have bought are branded items. I do feel that the quorn sausages are so expensive, however, I am unsure what they retail elsewhere and I cannot get them in my usually supermarket Aldi. 

I would love to see anyone else's diet blog, please leave me a link and I will follow. 

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